Its that time of year! Winter time, gifts being exchanged, family and friends celebrate, dinner parties and many more events celebrating fellowship. This season is extremely magical, however, all the merriment comes to an end when there is a wardrobe malfunction because of certain outfit issues due to unawareness of what’s going on in the fashion season!

A great Christmas outfit depends on clothes and jewellery.  The jewellery is what completes your outfit. It adorns and highlights the aesthetics of the dress. This blog will guide you on how to look the best at all your parties.

Office Christmas party.

When you are at the office it is a good idea to keep things formal. For this season pick a reserved coloured outfit such as red or white. A pair of suede pumps will help you look taller, slender and formally trendy.

Finish with a beautiful sterling silver bracelet and make that statement! This sounds perfect, right? Well, it can get better! All you have to do is include the right jewellery a broch or a pair of diamond earrings will not just look elegant but elevate your outfit to a classy level.


Christmas With The Fam!

A party with the family only means you gotta play it safe. If you know your family is all about keeping it formal then you can go for a grey skirt, black flats (if the party is at home) and a white blouse.

Today is a good day to wear your 1-carat diamond engagement ring to complete the look.

If your in-laws are easy-going then it's okay to wear jeans and your favourite knits or sweaters. Top it with a gold chain. If your sweater has a turtle neckline, you can wear the chain over the collar. You can also use necklaces with gemstones such as rubies or garnets are a good way to adorn your outfit without overdoing it.


Formal party

The holiday season is a time when there are a number of occasions including high-end dinners, shows, and other fundraising events. How about we take this opportunity and light up the holiday season with a beautiful diamond necklace?

If you are invited to an LBD party - the little black dress, choose your favourite long black dress with a pair of black high heels to elevate your outfit style. Finish with a diamond necklace that adorns your neckline. You can also use hair sticks with gemstones embellished on them to draw all eyes toward your beautiful and new hairdo. Similarly, you can wear diamond chandelier earrings to not just show that pretty hairdo but also accentuate your neckline and adorn your ears at the same time.

The aim is to keep things as minimalistic as possible so that an elegant and chic look is achieved. If you opt for diamond chandelier earrings then you have to skip the diamond necklace. Also, do not exceed more than two rings on your finger. You don’t want to look like a disco ball by overdoing the jewellery and put across the fact that you are trying to hard.


Party at the Club

If you are one of those ladies who love to go clubbing during the holidays then there’s good news! Outfits ideas at the club don’t really change, so a short dress with a pair of high heels is all you must wear at the club.  When it comes to pairing these dresses with accessories and jewellery then earrings, bangles, and bracelets are the items that you can choose from. Chandelier and hoop earrings are trending immensely, so pick a pair and take that a long way. You can also add bracelets embellished with gemstones to add a slap of colour to your outfit. Choose multi-colour bracelets if you go for a black dress otherwise, you can choose between a gold or silver bracelets that are geometrically shaped or have dangling charmed attached to it.

Another great option is to wear a cocktail ring. This ring does it all! It does not just add colour and adorns your hand but also makes a perfect statement all by itself! Pick a trendy gemstone ring that is voluminous and full of colour. Make sure the colour of the ring is a good combination to the dress or you can also opt for a colour blocking theme dress. However, just make sure the ring complements the outfit.