Here are a list of popular diamond ring styles and designs that are most likely to stay strong in trends for many years to come. Below is a list of popular diamond rings that we love. These can be used as an engagement ring or just a big treat for you or someone that you love!

Not only do these make stunning engagement rings but can also be worn on different occasions and for festive wear.


Modern brides love the tradition of exchanging engagement rings, however, do not quite like the idea of traditional engagement designs. Today women are bold enough to take chances and make a statement with their diamond rings. They opt to express themselves and their sense of style and taste through their rings. Asymmetrical designs are custom designs and include various elements, distinct silhouettes, and coloured gemstones.



Oval diamonds are growing in popularity. Their elongated structure acts as a modern kiss to the traditional round diamond ring. They appear astonishing as a solitaire and also when combined with other diamonds either of the same shape or different. When clubbed with other stones these rings look fashionable whereas in a solitaire setting it appears elegant and sophisticated. A modish east-west setting for a multi-stone style and a halo setting for a halo ring are a perfect match.



These band shapes are popular among modern brides due to their unique shape and design. The v-shape band looks good on its own along with a solitaire or a three stone setting. These bands also look great when stacked with another chevron ring or with any other engagement ring. A solitaire with a geometric cut will complement the ring and elevate its aesthetics.



Flashy rings are extremely bold and can be worn on just grand events. However, accented rings give us the opportunity to add some ‘more-than-usual’ dazzle to an engagement ring. Bands that are paved with diamonds that all meet to a beautiful 1-carat diamond solitaire at the centre just screams royalty and grandness.



These ring settings are a perfect way to unique twist (literally) on usual ring setting. In this setting, the center-stone is placed horizontally instead of the traditional vertical stone setting. This setting is best suited with an oblong or elongated centre stone. Decorative shapes such as pear, marquise, baguette, etc can be set with such styles. Many jewellers provide a standard east-west setting, however, modified features can be added too through the option of customization.



Three stone settings have gained immense popularity ever since the royal wedding!  Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement, three stone engagement rings have been gaining a lot of attention! The three stone is said to represent the couple’s past, present, and future. These are perfect for couples who share these sentimental thoughts and values, especially when planning a surprise proposal. A thoughtful ring to propose especially when you are asked about why you chose the specific ring!



A huge stack of sparkle is what every girl wants! The brides of now are adding multiple bands to their engagement ring. This not only looks trendy but also increases the sparkle! The more the merrier! Mixing and matching these bands are a good option. Also, jewellers do offer already stacked rings with different precious metals and diamonds that are embellished or is set in the centre.



Rose gold is the most romantic colour and has turned out to be the favourite of the recent brides. Adding this romance to your personal token of commitment is a perfect way to adorn your ring. A beautiful diamond or a pink diamond is a perfect combination to go with. A solitaire ring with a rose gold band is safe and the best option to go with since it is trending, beautiful and symbolizes nothing but love and romance. You can also add details to the band by adding diamond embellishments or paved diamonds to bring it up a notch and enhance its royalty.

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