No matter how big of a fashionista we are, there is always a point in life where we are confused as to what jewellery must be paired with which neckline. Pairing necklaces and dresses can get tricky especially when you pick out the best dress and the most expensive jewellery but do not match or complement each other! It is always necessary that both the jewellery and the dress complement each other and highlight each others beauty.

There are many blogs and websites such as Pinterest, that will give you a number of suggestions with pictures. However, due to an ample of suggestions the exact answer to what necklace suits which neckline becomes confusing! Hence, without further ado, lets put an end to all this confusion. Read the following table so that the next time you go necklace shopping you know exactly what to pick!

The following diagram will help you understand various necklines and suitable chains and pendants.



Suitable Chains and Pendants
Turtle Neck Long chains and pendants
Scoop Short necklaces with more volume
Strapless Choker
Square neck chains with Angular pendants
Off-shoulder asymmetrical
Halter neck Slender and long pendants preferable with triangular.
V neck Figured pendants
Collar Short pendants or chokers
Boat neck Long beaded necklace
Sweetheart Carved pendants or beads
V-shape V-shaped pendants
Round neck Long necklaces close to the bosom
Button up A necklace that sits close to the collar of the buttoned-up shirt is ideal such as a Bib necklace that is minimal, small and slender. Make sure it has a decent amount of volume.
Short neckline Multiple layers of chain with beads that fall on or just above the bosom.


Necklaces according to the bosom size
Choosing the right necklace depends on your neckline, similarly, choosing the right neckline depends on bust size. Once you have decided a suitable neckline according to your bust size then choose the necklaces accordingly.  

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