Here is a list of 5 amazing designs of diamond bracelets and bangles that'll set you apart from the rest!

  • Vintage Diamond Bracelet
    These diamond bracelets are intricate and carry a story. They are beautiful and extremely elegant. Many of these are handcrafted and have the most beautiful and rare diamonds of the specific time it belongs from. It is a dream gift to receive and is timeless.


  • Diamond Heart Bracelet
    Your endless love for your partner will be proved eternal through this diamond heart bracelet! Diamonds are forever, and what better to show your love is forever too! These bracelets are given the heart shape with a precious metal such as white gold or sterling silver and embedded with the precious diamond. Of this isn’t romantic then we don’t know what is!


  • Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    Tennis bracelets are elegant and a classic in their own simplistic manner. They are exquisite and can make a perfect gift for your loved one. It can be worn at parties and other formal or casual events. They can be pair with other accessories because of their minimalistic appearance but immense bling! They are perfect for a business-luncheon or a formal breakfast meeting. They can also add instant glamour to your outfit for an evening of wine and dine.


  • Diamond Twist Bracelet
    The diamond twist bracelet has been an all time favourite. They are a classic paired with a modern design. They appear like a chain bracelet couple with diamonds and a beautiful curvy design with diamonds captured between each curve. These are trendy and can easily be paired with casual and party outfits.


  • Diamond Bangle
    These diamond bangles can be paired with other accessories. They can also be stacked with other bracelets or bangles or a combination of both! They are perfect for traditional wear and are simply breathtaking. They can be paved with diamonds or embellished with diamonds to display those beautiful diamond individually! They can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can also have them made in different precious metals such as rose or white g


  • Diamond Twisted Silver Bangle(Bonus Design!)
    This bangle gives out a ‘woven’ effect and looks absolutely luxurious and beautiful on the wrist. This too can make a perfect gift. Here you can get the beauty of a twisted bracelet and the benefits of a bangle. The curvy design appears as though it is a bracelet and is easily worn like a bangle!  The best thing about this is that you can save a substantial amount of money because it is categorized as bangles and you receive the aesthetics of a bracelet.