Here are some important pointers regarding bangle sizes that you need to know when buying one.

What is the average woman's wrist size?

According to the Standard Bracelet Sizes, the extra small size that measures 6.5 inches is the average wrist size of a small woman. Similarly, a small size measuring 7 inches is the average wrist size of a common Indian woman.

How To Measure Bangle Size?

2-2 2.125 54 6.67 169.4
2-4 2.25 57.2 7.06 179.6
2-6 2.375 60.3 7.46 189.5
2-8 2.5 63.5 7.85 199.4
2-10 2.625 66.7 8.24 209.3
2-12 2.75 69.9 8.64 219.5
2-14 2.875 73 9.03 229.4
3 3 76.2 9.42 239.3


The diameter of the bangle is measured in inches and is a straight line between both sides of the periphery of the bangle. An inch is further classified into 16 sections. When the bangle size is 2-8, it means the bangle measures two inches and 8 sections from the total of 16 sections. Hence, this converts to 2 inches + 8/16 inches which totals to 2 inches + half an inch which totals to 2.5 inches or 2.5”.

Note Measurements of Bangles That Fit Perfectly

Use bangles that you already have and measure its diameter. Compare it with the measurements provided in the table. This is a reliable way to get accurate results.

Measure Your Hand

This method can get tricky, however, if done right, you will have an accurate outcome. All you need is measuring tape, a long string and a ruler or a scale.

Compare your wrist measurement with the bangle circumference mentioned in the chart above. Opt for bangle sizes that are a size bigger than your actual obtained size.

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